About Us

Muffin’s Dream Foundation is a charity which was set up in October 2012 and registered in January 2014. We are dedicated to helping families who have a child or young adult with a disability or illness. Our aim is to make sure the children and young people we help never miss out on any of the fun of being a child. We do this by having a wide range of support services including hospital visits, adapted activity days, parental support and more. 

We are there when things are good as well as when the going gets tough.

1:1 Support and Drop-in Clinic

Did you know here at Muffin’s Dream Foundation we can offer 1:1 support and a drop-in clinic for carers and parents of children with a disability or illness? We can sign post you through available support ranging from financial, educational and health care support. By offering you long term support we will empower you to eventually make decisions regarding the well-being of your child with confidence and knowledge. 

Many of you have informed us that after receiving a diagnosis for your child you have felt lost in trying to access the information and support needed. This ranges from access to disability and carer’s allowance,understanding of an Education, Care and Health Plan, and comprehending which professional team provides specific needs for your  child.

We can support you by offering 1:1 sessions in your home, so that we can discuss your concerns and help you devise an action place as well as  directing you to available resources. Where necessary we can advocate on  your behalf.

If you may benefit from this support, please get in touch, we are here when things are good and when the going gets tough!