The Dream Team



Charlie: CEO

Sam is an activity leader who joined Muffins in 2013. He is a trustee for the charity and plays a huge role in managing and helping the progression of our charity.

Lucy is a senior support worker who joined Muffins in 2015. Lucy helps with the running of our events and works every Friday in the office supporting families in the community.

Matt joined Muffins in 2012 after offering to help with fundraising events. He is famous for the Muffins extra special Christmas grotto at our Christmas party.

Louise only joined us in 2015 but we have known her for a few years through our horse riding days at Horse-ology. 

Jo is a fundraiser who joined Muffins in 2016. She offered to give up her time one day a week to source our funding to allow Muffins to progress.

Alex is a Dream team member who joined us in 2015. She has become a particularly favourite member of the team with the children and sits on our trustee board.

Carrie is a fundraising and development officer who joined us in 2015 after her son became a Muffin following his cancer diagnosis.

Kyle became part of our team in 2016 as a personal trainer working with children with special needs and helps them reach their potential.

Chloe joined Muffins in 2015. She has a background in Psychology and regularly helps out at our events.

Tina is our boredom Buster bag co-ordinator which is a job she took over when she joined Muffins in 2016 after her son who has complex cardiac issues became a registered Muffin. She also helps run our administration side.