Muffin’s House

Muffins Dream House LogoMuffin’s Dream has one very big Dream and it is Muffin’s House!  A self purpose built house where not only can we run all of current services but can also offer the following:
It can be very hard for our Muffin’s to go on sleepovers due to the complex medical needs or sensory stimulation problems. Therefore we propose to run a service where a parent or young person can book a sleepover and their child all medical needs are dealt with by trained staff and enterainment is provided.

  • Sensory and Spa complex

We propose to build a sensory and spa complex for all our families to use whenever they want to!

  • Work placement scheme

It can be very difficult to find a job when you’re a young person with an illness or disability. We propose to run a scheme where our young people are able to work in an area of our charity such as HR, Fundraising or Muffin’s house and get a paid job at the end of it.

Our families are unable to get a lot of respite so we intend to offer a facility that offers respite with specially trained staff who are capable of looking after their complex needs our children have.